Nov 27, 2005

more sparkles

I'm still hurting a lot, so i have no new funnies today. :-(

I made this bracelet awhile back.
I have a bunch more, too.
Silver feels good in my hands
And i love the way crystals *SPARKLE*

Nov 21, 2005


Today i made earrings.

Nov 20, 2005

This weekend

The dog feels much better, thank goodness.
I was in a lot of pain this weekend and had to go to the urgent care doctor.
I hope i feel better, too.

That's all i have to say for now.

Nov 18, 2005


Our poor doggie has a hurt neck.
I hope she feels better soon.
I love her! YYY

Nov 17, 2005

Big Peanut

Yes, it is a very big peanut.

Nov 16, 2005


These are my LITTLE BIRDIES !!!
(They LOVE me!!!)

Little birdie food.... Little birdie water.... Little birdie elevator.... Little birdie safe place.... Little birdie sunshine... :-)

...but alas! Little birdie glue-trap... :-(
Blue birdie didn't love me very much that day.

Nov 14, 2005

Poor dogs!

This is from a book of nursery rhymes that was read to me when i was but a wee toddler.
(note: the word "wee" having double-meaning, thus the color)

Now, look at the dogs' tails!
(No wonder i grew up very disturbed.)

Cross-sections of our pets! complete with bone, meat, and.... BLOOD!!!
yep, the stuff childhood dreams are made of..

Nov 13, 2005


devilsfood donuts.....

Nov 12, 2005

Is it soup yet???


Eye SEE you!


My name is talking Tina, and i don't like you very much...

Nov 11, 2005


This is an orange.

(of course i know what it looks like)


(i think it was the Vicodin)

Nov 10, 2005


Say goodnight, Ducky...

"Goodnight, Ducky"

Nov 9, 2005


It wasn't about food, but about being in control.


I think it's important to find a valuable lesson to learn every single day.

Today i learned that if you put leaves and dog poop into a trash bag and forget about it for a couple of years, the bag eventually rots and its contents turns into dirt.

And then you don't even have to throw it out becuz you can use it to plant stuff in.

Why i couldn't sleep last night.

This thing kept bugging me.

It was EVIL.

Getting this started

So let's see if this thing works.