Jan 22, 2006

Yes, these do work.

I made a pendulum today.

Two as one?

No... i don't think so.
(Us morphed together in Photoshop)
just a little creepy-looking, don't you think?

Jan 17, 2006

Jan 15, 2006


The red-eyed beast!


Today i made these.
The crystals sparkle in person.

Jan 11, 2006

Bite me!

This is my night guard i got from the dentist yesterday.


I made these today. The dangles are interchangeable.

Jan 5, 2006

How and...

WHEN did it get to be
I need to get some pictures of our doggies up here!

Jan 4, 2006


Back to college... gonna miss ya!

Jan 2, 2006

Christmas Eve

The poor angel has a tree up her butt.

Jan 1, 2006