Feb 16, 2006

Feb 15, 2006

Fire bead

Not feeling real good today.
But i did make this yesterday!
Still experimenting with silk cord - the knots should be closer to the beads but oh well, that's hard - need practice.

Feb 14, 2006

opal beads

Experimenting with attaching sterling wire to silk cord (instead of sterling chain).

Feb 10, 2006

Cursed opals?

I made this violet "opal" bracelet for my mom... unfortunately, around the time i was craftng it she fell and broke her (yep, you guessed it!) wrist. Coincidence, or is it cursed???

(shall i make a necklace for anyone? hmmmmm........)


Sort of an experimental necklace thing with sterling wire, chain and capri blue crystals.