Apr 8, 2006


One of our birds keeps laying these

We don't know for sure if it's the parakeet
or the cockatiel. But the eggs end up broken
at the bottom of the cage and it looks like they try to eat them.

ooh a snake... i'm sooo scared...

Here is my SNAKEY!

The other kind of blues :-(

Feeling down last couple days.
Ear infections, real sore neck and jaws.
Sometimes having arthritis makes you
feel hopeless becuz you know it's not going
to go away... but then you force yourself
to find things
to be happy about.
I'm getting a tan.
The warm sun makes me feel good
and a tan makes me feel like i look healthy.
Still, i feel sad right now.
It will pass.

Apr 6, 2006


Wasn't sure about yellow and silver together, but it came out kind of cool-looking!

Apr 5, 2006

Sewing projects

Two summer sewing projects!
For the jammies i altered the pattern to make them short instead of longer bloomers. The old-fashioned bloomers in that pattern were cute too, no pics at this time. The only change i made on the swimsuit was to tie it in front instead of the back as the pattern instructed... and a little lining for the sake of modesty, i was surprised that the pattern did not indicate lining. Speaking of modesty, this one is full coverage in the back.

Apr 3, 2006

HK bag!

I found this tote bag on clearance at Walmart. It had spaces to put photographs in, and.. well... Hello Kitty!

Apr 2, 2006


Some crystal bugs i made!
They look a little dull becuz i didn't put the fake sparkles on them.
The scanner just doesn't make things sparkle like a good photograph does.