Sep 28, 2006

Med-Alert bracelets

Oh, by the way, i just found out that you can't put a cmyk picture here, it messes the colors up. Anyway, after recently obtaining a medical id bracelet i hated the way it looked on it's clunky ol' chain. So i made detachable thingies so i can wear it, plate side against inner wrist where it's rarely seen, and pretty little beady things showing from the outside. I don't have to hate it anymore!

Sep 22, 2006

Glass and Copper (not Todd and Copper)

I'm rather pleased with how this turned out. I'm not pleased with how it looks scanned, however, but i don't know how to photograph jewelry - it seems complicated, and i'd rather make it than photograph it anyway. The copper's shiny-and-new-looking, but i think it will look even better once it's got that look of old pennies. We all love old pennies, right? Made my first-ever wire clasp (out of necessity, can't find pre-made copper ones). The earwires are surgical steel (less allergy problems) so i made teeny weeny little copper coils to cover the front part. The dangly spiral-thingies were an afterthought, which could be easily removed (and probably will).

Sep 21, 2006

I think it's pi

I may not be special enough to see Jesus in my coffee grounds, or the Virgin Mary on the accoustical-spray bumps on the ceiling... but i just realized something wacky and wonderful that i have achieved with age:

If i pucker up my face exactly a certain way, sort of a combination between a "worried" expression, an "angry" expression, and a "surprised" expression, the wrinkles form a

Yes, it's true! Whatever could this mean?
(betcha you'll go try it in a mirror today, who knows, you might have the Star of David on yours.)

Sep 17, 2006

A sad event

A friend whose daughter attends Dawson College in Montreal has asked me for some advice on how to deal with the parent's and the student's feelings surrounding a school shooting. On September 13 this tragedy struck there.

My family lived through the horror in March 2001 when Santana was the site of such an evil event. It changed our lives and the memories are still vivid. Neither my sons or my friend's daughter were injured physically at these tragic events. But it turns life upside-down for awhile, and in some ways changes it permanently.

Sometimes i just hate that there is such evil in the world that we live in. Why can't we all live together in peace, build one another up instead of tearing each other apart, and take the Lord's advice to "Love One Another"....

Sep 15, 2006

A cane for pain?

No. It's not a new way to unclog your toilet!
At my FMS support group the other day (I highly recommend attending a real-life-in-person support group to anyone with chronic pain, it's an emotional lift, you feel less alone and "different", and sharing is a good thing) a woman brought one of these interesting gadgets in and passed it around. My husband ordered me one today, i can't wait for it to arrive!! It allows you to use the least amount of exertion to effectively manipulate trigger points and painful muscle "knots" by yourself. No need for "honey, pleeeez wear out your thumbs pressing on my back while i go owwww, that hurts, don't stop!" (although that's nice, too, in an odd way)
Anyway, i'll be waiting for the big brown truck...
(like in The Music Man when the River City people get all excited about the Wells Fargo Wagon... remember that? Ron Howard was such an adorable little kid, what the heck happened?)

Fish (again) Jewelry!

More fish jewelry... what can i say?
I'm working with silver plated stuff instead of the real thing (but i'll get back into that, fingers a bit too fumbly lately). Nothing fancy...just bead wrapping, connecting chains, glass beads (instead of crystals), etc. Don't want to waste my sterling silver materials, especially now that the price has gone up. Eventually i'd like to do some of the fancy wire stuff with all my super neat-o groovy pliers when i can figure out how to make the handles a bit more ergonomic. (Big word, yes, the blonde said a big word~!) And all those little divided boxes full of shiny *sparkley* beads.... glass, crystals, gemstone chips, lampworked goodies... ooooh...
Anyway, i got off track there... that happens a lot. :-)

Sep 10, 2006

The hanger experiment

Hangers for Christmas Ornaments...???
just a thought..
(i know, more sparkles, i couldn't help it..)

Sep 8, 2006

and NOW the scary one...

you were warned.... i told you it would be scary...
but did you listen??? noooo-o... you just HAD to look, now, din'cha?

Have a nice day! :-)

the post before the scary one....

This is a necklace i made from more beads from the gem fair.
Most of it is made from plain ol' copper wire that i stuck through the beads and bent into links and rings, except the little part of chain that goes in the back that nobody pays any attention to anyway.... The little heart thingie was just an after thought that's easily removed. And shhh, i already know the clasp isn't copper-colored, oh well...

Sep 6, 2006

and yet more beads...

I guess i like beads a lot. (wasn't that an old Dr. Demento song, "they're big and round, they're all around...."? oh wait, never mind, that wasn't about beads...) Anyway... glass, crystal, big, small, round, oval, weird-shaped... beads, i mean... they're all pretty cool.

Got these at a gem show. I think they look kinda cute with the heart toggle clasp i got from somebody on ebay for free when i ordered fish beads. (oh yeah, i didn't mention "fish" shaped, but yes, i love those too!)
This is really small but i have freakishly skinny wrists. It could be made larger (but then that would use more beads, wouldn't it... i'd hate having to shop for more beads.... NOT!!!!)

Sep 4, 2006

Labor Day

Well, everybody and his dog must be blogging today, this thing is running so slow... i'll try again later...