Sep 6, 2006

and yet more beads...

I guess i like beads a lot. (wasn't that an old Dr. Demento song, "they're big and round, they're all around...."? oh wait, never mind, that wasn't about beads...) Anyway... glass, crystal, big, small, round, oval, weird-shaped... beads, i mean... they're all pretty cool.

Got these at a gem show. I think they look kinda cute with the heart toggle clasp i got from somebody on ebay for free when i ordered fish beads. (oh yeah, i didn't mention "fish" shaped, but yes, i love those too!)
This is really small but i have freakishly skinny wrists. It could be made larger (but then that would use more beads, wouldn't it... i'd hate having to shop for more beads.... NOT!!!!)

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