Sep 15, 2006

A cane for pain?

No. It's not a new way to unclog your toilet!
At my FMS support group the other day (I highly recommend attending a real-life-in-person support group to anyone with chronic pain, it's an emotional lift, you feel less alone and "different", and sharing is a good thing) a woman brought one of these interesting gadgets in and passed it around. My husband ordered me one today, i can't wait for it to arrive!! It allows you to use the least amount of exertion to effectively manipulate trigger points and painful muscle "knots" by yourself. No need for "honey, pleeeez wear out your thumbs pressing on my back while i go owwww, that hurts, don't stop!" (although that's nice, too, in an odd way)
Anyway, i'll be waiting for the big brown truck...
(like in The Music Man when the River City people get all excited about the Wells Fargo Wagon... remember that? Ron Howard was such an adorable little kid, what the heck happened?)

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