Sep 15, 2006

Fish (again) Jewelry!

More fish jewelry... what can i say?
I'm working with silver plated stuff instead of the real thing (but i'll get back into that, fingers a bit too fumbly lately). Nothing fancy...just bead wrapping, connecting chains, glass beads (instead of crystals), etc. Don't want to waste my sterling silver materials, especially now that the price has gone up. Eventually i'd like to do some of the fancy wire stuff with all my super neat-o groovy pliers when i can figure out how to make the handles a bit more ergonomic. (Big word, yes, the blonde said a big word~!) And all those little divided boxes full of shiny *sparkley* beads.... glass, crystals, gemstone chips, lampworked goodies... ooooh...
Anyway, i got off track there... that happens a lot. :-)

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