Oct 9, 2006

brass 'n glass

rhymes with.... oh never mind.So this is the latest learning adventure. Sure is cheaper to learn with glass and cheap metals than with crystal and sterling silver. These are some really cheap-o fish (yes, more fish! imagine that!) beads but i think their imperfections (such as putting two eyes on one side, like a halibut, except that there's still one on the other side too, unlike a halibut which probably just has a butt on the other side and maybe some gills) add sort of an endearing charm to the piece. The most tedious part was making the little wire links between the beads, but it's good therapy. I keep dropping the stuff, or else squeezing the pliers too hard. The carpet in my craft room must be harboring hundreds.... no wait... thousands of beads, jump rings and other teeny-tiny findings that i drop. They immediately burrow and hide from me.

I'm learning (by trial and error) to use crimp beads now. I tend to smash them too hard. So i read somewhere that the way to know when you're squeezing the pliers properly is to think of shaking your grandma's hand and how hard you would squeeze. Well, my grandmas have passed on, and i don't wanna shake their hands. That's scary!

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