Nov 6, 2006

City Council

Our City Council meetings aren't videotaped and televised. At a recent candidates debate, it was discussed that anybody who wants to see the city council meetings could come to the meeting. I don't agree with that. Among those who do not or can not attend are homebound elderly persons, disabled, parents unable to afford a babysitter, those without transportation or afraid to walk to the meetings and come home at night in the dark, or even the terribly shy (to which i can personally relate, it's an intimidating atmosphere). So no, not everyone can just "come to the meetings". And even if they could, some of us would melt into the floor into a mass of trembling goo if we had to actually stand at a podium and talk into a microphone.

The above-mentioned people will benefit greatly from being able to watch from home.
It could be more exciting than watching Desperate Housewives, Survivor or even The Osbornes. It might rank right up there with the shopping channels, who knows - grandma might not buy so many fake-diamond rings, lamps and gravy boats any more!

To say that "people are apathetic" because they don't come to the meetings is just plain FALSE.

(in my opinion, of course)

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