Dec 31, 2006

New blogger?

Just about the time you get comfy in your skin, somebody goes and shakes up your etch-a-sketch.

They changed this blogger thingie so i'm trying it out. Can't tell any difference so far.
I added a profile picture. See that? I'm 50 in that picture. Shut up, i know, half a century, blahblahblah...

oh, and by the way...


I have a couple of resolutions.

One is to work more with computer art, at least to the extent i'm able what with alternating it with weird back exercises. Mousing seems to aggravate this "permanent" tendonitis, so using a pen/pad will be very welcomed.
I shall create. (be very afraid...)

The other one has to do with fitness.
I hear 50 is supposed to be the new 25 or something. What with the trend in older women/younger men (i read stats saying that a third of women age 40-60 who are romantically involved are involved with men 10 years or more younger than they are) one can assume that some guys besides Norm MacDonald see something of value in us "barren old monkeys". (I loved Norm MacDonald, why did they keep cancelling him?) The only difference between us and Playboy bunnies is that they have silicone boobies and tighter skin, while we have that sought-after "knowing" thing about us, and Mrs. Robinson-strength libidos..... oh... and "character lines", don't forget those (until the "pennies for botox" jar is filled).

So back to fitness...
I switched gyms, to a newer, fancier, cleaner one that's actually cheaper. Good for me!
I'm gonna try and get stronger to hold all the joints together, firm up the ol' caboose (watch out, Jennifer Lopez, when i shake THIS booty!)
and see if i can build up a little bit of chest muscle to keep the headlights pointing forward.
(thought about silicone, too much risk there)
And of course, cardio. And weight-bearing exercise for the bones and to scare off osteoporosis. So i can get off this carcinogenic estrogen i've been taking. Yuk.
And last but not least, meet some new people. Some of those are pretty cool.

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