Jan 25, 2007

Goodbye, Norbert...

We will miss you, our "little baby chicken"...

Jan 22, 2007

Still working out

Still working out at the gym. I find i'm in no more (or less) pain than before, so that's good. I'd rather be a hardbody than flabby. I'll have to post a picture when i get all buffed out, haha!

Nothing else much going on that's new or exciting. But that's fine. Better than having bad stuff going on.

Jan 14, 2007

Church, general whining, and other stuff...

We keep intending to start going to church, but i keep having bad mornings and can't get going becuz of morning stiffness and pain. I rarely leave the house before noon, giving the painkiller time to kick in and also a warm soak in the bathtub. I hope God still loves me. Why do the services have to be in the morning, anyway?

That personal training session gave me some weird after-effects. My hands swelled up at the thumb joints and hurt really bad, along with extra spasms in my back. I'll take it easier but continue trying.

Product raves: I bought some hair conditioner that's just awesome! It's for horses and humans, and made by Rio Vista. There's no scent, which is fine--Just soft, shiny hair.
Also, i started using an expensive shampoo, Biolage by Matrix Super-hydrating. Doesn't lather up as readily as i like, but it really does clean and leave the hair smooth. Better than the cheap Suave or VO5 i was using before.

Jan 11, 2007


Today i took advantage of my free hour of personal training at the gym. Of course they try to get you to sign up for it regularly and it's very expensive, and i won't.....but at least i got some stuff to alternate with water workouts and get some "weight bearing" exercise that we old women need for our bones. And hopefully build up some chest muscles so i can't see ribs where there's supposed to be cleavage.

Oh yeah, and eat more protein... Watch out Arnold, i'll be buff too one day!
And darn that Arnold, he's disappointed me. He was such a hero and now with some of the stuff he's doing, he's just another girly-man in my book... I hate when heros do that.

My fitness goal is to be a fly girl. Not only did they wear cool outfits and dance like crazy, they were fit and strong, and weren't skinny sticks with silicone bags hanging from them like we seem to see everywhere now. Those fly girls were hot!

Well, it's good to have some sort of goal, anyway.

Jan 8, 2007

Nothing in particular

Nothing new to post but here goes.
I've been going to the new gym (i switched from the old one).
4 times last week, not bad. I hope to keep it up permanently.
So far, i've just been doing the pool workout and pushing myself a
bit harder than i used to. I want to get all toned up, and need to gain
a couple pounds. They need to be muscle pounds though, not fat - unless
it's on my face or chest!

Still fighting a bout of appearance-anxiety that started 4 weeks ago today.
It goes away for awhile then it hits suddenly with some thoughts
of bad things. Heard back from my inquiry with a cosmetic surgeon,
he said from the photos it looks like i'm a candidate for "fillers" but
not a facelift at this time. He suggests the non-permanent ones first
to see if the results are good, then the next time consider something
longer-lasting. Sounds good to me. But i'll shop around for awhile
before jumping in.

Oh yeah, i want to give a "thumbs up" to Zenni Optical where i get
inexpensive prescription eyeglasses online. I've been very happy with
their service, quality and price. The latest pair is rimless with a clear
plastic "frame" (the part on the nose and on the sides only) and with a
non-glare coating is somewhat "invisible" for when i don't feel like wearing
my black nerd glasses. The prescription on one side is much stronger than
the other so it looks like one eyeball is a little bigger but that's ok.
Anyway, i'd highly recommend Zenni Optical to anyone seeking a "spare" pair
of glasses or to just have fun with some of the colors and frames they offer.
If ya gotta wear glasses, make them a fashion accessory!

Jan 3, 2007

Some new old stuff..

I guess last year wasn't too bad, for the most part.

Up until December i was starting to feel pretty comfortable being me, at least most of the time. I was looking forward to turning 50, accepting my physical changes and feeling pretty secure in my self and family, and looking forward to the holidays. I spent months making little beaded hooks for the tree and thinking about all the goodies i would bake.

Then something happened (that i don't want to share) and suddenly my self-esteem plummeted and the anorexia relapsed -- lost about 10 pounds in 2 weeks and felt terribly insecure about my appearance.

A bit better now, but things aren't back to what they were even less than a month ago.

I'll be going back to church this year.
And i want plastic surgery.