Jan 14, 2007

Church, general whining, and other stuff...

We keep intending to start going to church, but i keep having bad mornings and can't get going becuz of morning stiffness and pain. I rarely leave the house before noon, giving the painkiller time to kick in and also a warm soak in the bathtub. I hope God still loves me. Why do the services have to be in the morning, anyway?

That personal training session gave me some weird after-effects. My hands swelled up at the thumb joints and hurt really bad, along with extra spasms in my back. I'll take it easier but continue trying.

Product raves: I bought some hair conditioner that's just awesome! It's for horses and humans, and made by Rio Vista. There's no scent, which is fine--Just soft, shiny hair.
Also, i started using an expensive shampoo, Biolage by Matrix Super-hydrating. Doesn't lather up as readily as i like, but it really does clean and leave the hair smooth. Better than the cheap Suave or VO5 i was using before.

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Temily said...

Hi ML,
Still reading your blog!
Will keep in touch, gorgeous lady!
Hugs, Temily
PS Gym work sounds good! :-)