Jan 8, 2007

Nothing in particular

Nothing new to post but here goes.
I've been going to the new gym (i switched from the old one).
4 times last week, not bad. I hope to keep it up permanently.
So far, i've just been doing the pool workout and pushing myself a
bit harder than i used to. I want to get all toned up, and need to gain
a couple pounds. They need to be muscle pounds though, not fat - unless
it's on my face or chest!

Still fighting a bout of appearance-anxiety that started 4 weeks ago today.
It goes away for awhile then it hits suddenly with some thoughts
of bad things. Heard back from my inquiry with a cosmetic surgeon,
he said from the photos it looks like i'm a candidate for "fillers" but
not a facelift at this time. He suggests the non-permanent ones first
to see if the results are good, then the next time consider something
longer-lasting. Sounds good to me. But i'll shop around for awhile
before jumping in.

Oh yeah, i want to give a "thumbs up" to Zenni Optical where i get
inexpensive prescription eyeglasses online. I've been very happy with
their service, quality and price. The latest pair is rimless with a clear
plastic "frame" (the part on the nose and on the sides only) and with a
non-glare coating is somewhat "invisible" for when i don't feel like wearing
my black nerd glasses. The prescription on one side is much stronger than
the other so it looks like one eyeball is a little bigger but that's ok.
Anyway, i'd highly recommend Zenni Optical to anyone seeking a "spare" pair
of glasses or to just have fun with some of the colors and frames they offer.
If ya gotta wear glasses, make them a fashion accessory!

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