Jan 11, 2007


Today i took advantage of my free hour of personal training at the gym. Of course they try to get you to sign up for it regularly and it's very expensive, and i won't.....but at least i got some stuff to alternate with water workouts and get some "weight bearing" exercise that we old women need for our bones. And hopefully build up some chest muscles so i can't see ribs where there's supposed to be cleavage.

Oh yeah, and eat more protein... Watch out Arnold, i'll be buff too one day!
And darn that Arnold, he's disappointed me. He was such a hero and now with some of the stuff he's doing, he's just another girly-man in my book... I hate when heros do that.

My fitness goal is to be a fly girl. Not only did they wear cool outfits and dance like crazy, they were fit and strong, and weren't skinny sticks with silicone bags hanging from them like we seem to see everywhere now. Those fly girls were hot!

Well, it's good to have some sort of goal, anyway.

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