Feb 23, 2007


I have a thumbs-up for a false-eyelash site!


The selection is wonderful (i can't find brown ones very often in stores, just black)
and the info on the site is very helpful.
Best of all, the price is reasonable and my package arrived magically the very next day after i ordered, even with the normal shipping price (which was only $3).
And they included a free pair of lashes!

(now i have to practice and learn how to use these things right!)

Feb 16, 2007

Da Plane! Da Plane!

This was a fun photoshop challenge.
I was given the plane picture with two other pilots in it, and then two b&w photos from which i cropped, resized (and colorized) the NEW pilots. Making her hair blow in the wind was my finishing touch. (these are my mom and dad a few billion years ago!)

Feb 10, 2007

Is it just me or..

...is the world crazy?
Why are people so fascinated and intrigued by the lives of celebrities??
Shame Anna Nicole Smith died. She was beautiful, vivacious and made a lot of people happy. Unfortunately, it seems people like that often neglect making themselves happy.
With such a poor self-image, she took it to the extreme one way (fakeness and silicone) whereas Karen Carpenter took it to a different extreme (anorexia). But both are dead. And so is Marilyn. Why wasn't Marilyn happy? She had everything.

But ahhh, we love those celebrities and their problems... remember OJ's trial?
Brad and Jennifer and Angelina... Tom and Nicole... marriages, divorces, who has implants and who is cheating on whom with whom... and how about Mel Gibson, what's up with that?

And then there are those "candid" photos of celebrities... a nipple slip here, an upskirt there, a bikini shot in a private yard, caught without makeup, caught in the nude, blahblablahh..
OMG, these people are STARS, their sh*t must not stink, their butts are different-looking than ours, their boobs must have different kind of nipples than regular people's, their penises might be made of solid gold or something... geez! Sometimes i can't believe the hangups that so many people have in regard to nudity. Everyone should go to a nude beach, be nude and see all the people nude, and eventually it's just a natural, comfortable thing.

We abuse ourselves in the quest for a perfect body. Plastic surgery, dangerous dieting, steroids, etc.

Ladies, be healthy and let that be your beauty. You can never achieve the look of Playboy centerfolds because they are just photos that are enhanced beyond reality in order to fulfill fantasies. Anybody can be enhanced artificially and made to look like a goddess by plastic surgery and photoshopping!

Gentlemen, like the ladies, don't abuse your body in order to achieve unnaturally "perfect" results. You don't have to compare to and strive to look like those superheroes or world champion bodybuilders. You don't need to enlarge your penis or grow more hair. We love you the way you are.

Well that's enough to say for now.
I just ordered false eyelashes on ebay. My fake boobs ought to be arriving any day now in the mail. I'm researching plastic surgeons now, for a solution to my wrinkles, smile lines and crow's feet. I couldn't *possibly* be loveable unless i'm beautiful. Damn...

Feb 7, 2007