May 28, 2007


It hurts a lot more lately for some reason. I mean the DDD/fibro pain and the anxiety accompanying it. Sometimes i feel trapped in a breaking-down body yet my mind/soul/whatever is still a baby that's growing. The pains get bad and the meds don't work as well anymore. I feel a sense of urgency that i need to get "ready" for something although i don't really understand what it is. There's something i need to get in touch with and learn to use. Maybe once i get that figured out, i will find out what it is i need to do and find not just escape but true relief. Maybe it's in this life, or maybe this life is just a step in the learning process. In any event, i have so much to say and don't know how to say it. Please hear me.

There is so much to learn, so much to see, and so much loving to do.

May 22, 2007

Some good stuff! has some kind of neat jewelry, mostly sterling silver, that you only pay $5.99 for. They say it's "free" and the shipping is $5.99 but whatever. So far everything i've gotten was nice quality and looked like the picture.

Generic cereal that comes in big bags instead of boxes - good value and tastes good to me!

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth mascara. Doesn't make clumps as much as other cheap brands i've tried.

I guess that's all i have to say today.

May 21, 2007

Dog Meat

"A dog seized some meat from the butcher shop and ran away with it until he came to a river. When the dog was crossing the river, he saw the reflection of the meat in the water, and it seemed much larger than the meat he was carrying. He dropped his own piece of meat in order to try to snatch at the reflection. When the reflection disappeared, the dog went to grab the meat he had dropped but he was not able to find it anywhere, since a passing raven had immediately snatched the meat and gobbled it up. The dog lamented his sorry condition and said, 'Woe is me! I foolishly abandoned what I had in order to grab at a phantom, and thus I ended up losing both that phantom and what I had to begin with.' "

Think about that.

May 17, 2007

Red Paint

Interesting comparison...

May 16, 2007

Everybody's kids matter!

Missing children information is provided via RSS feed, free of charge by NCMEC

Mapping provided free of charge by Yahoo! Maps

May 12, 2007

What i've learned...

After 50 years, I had a realization.
(just some thoughts and ramblings, not necessarily advice or experiences)

If you ditch your expectations, you'll have none that are unmet.
Lose your faith, and you won't be failed.
Lower your standards, and everything and everyone measures up.
Strive for mediocre, and you'll likely achieve it.
Count on no one, and you'll never be let down.
Believe no one, and you'll never be betrayed.
Have no goals, and you'll never fall short.
Forget about hope, just accept.
Believe nothing, and you're immune to lies.
Don't try to win, and you'll never lose - don't even enter the race.
You'll never miss a beat if you don't sing at all.
Don't try, and you can't fail.
Lie on the ground instead of reaching for the stars, and you can't fall down.
Sometimes you just have to stop trying and simply "be".
The world will still go on,
and the sun will still rise tomorrow.