May 12, 2007

What i've learned...

After 50 years, I had a realization.
(just some thoughts and ramblings, not necessarily advice or experiences)

If you ditch your expectations, you'll have none that are unmet.
Lose your faith, and you won't be failed.
Lower your standards, and everything and everyone measures up.
Strive for mediocre, and you'll likely achieve it.
Count on no one, and you'll never be let down.
Believe no one, and you'll never be betrayed.
Have no goals, and you'll never fall short.
Forget about hope, just accept.
Believe nothing, and you're immune to lies.
Don't try to win, and you'll never lose - don't even enter the race.
You'll never miss a beat if you don't sing at all.
Don't try, and you can't fail.
Lie on the ground instead of reaching for the stars, and you can't fall down.
Sometimes you just have to stop trying and simply "be".
The world will still go on,
and the sun will still rise tomorrow.

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