Oct 12, 2007

It's kinda cool

...to know people who discuss spiritual philosophies, life, death, the state of presence, what love is and isn't, time and relativity, and transcendence beyond the thinking mind to our true life energy and being.

For years i feared that i was alone in my belief and crazy in my brief experiences of touching the channel of universal knowledge, where all time is now.

There is something beyond the words that is FELT when reading or listening to words of someone who is fully in the state of presence.

It's pretty cool, knowing our mind and thoughts are not really who we are, and being able to see beyond those, even if only momentarily. And how our ego is really kind of a weird and ultimately miserable character that doesn't have to define us if we don't let it.

It's awesome to even momentarily be able to transcend those things and experience a tiny piece of the most wonderful state that cannot be defined in words, but only experienced.

You just know when you're there!

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