Nov 20, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Have yourself a Birdy little Christmas...

Nov 19, 2007

I'm impressed!

In beginning the second century of life, I've realized it's not necessary to impress anyone. It doesn't matter if i walk by and someone i don't know or hardly know goes "wow, i'm impressed..."

Think about it... The only people whose opinions of you personally matter are people you are close to like friends or family members. And you don't really have to impress them because they already know you and probably think highly of you already. If you feel that you need to impress instead of being able to relax and enjoy them, maybe it's time quit trying and move on.

Most of us want to feel good about ourselves, but nobody else can validate our goodness.
Otherwise, why would any celebrities need to engage in negative behaviors? Wouldn't the public adoration and admiration, fame and money make them perfect people with perfect lives, with no need for drugs or promiscuity or failed relationships?

A heartfelt compliment is nice - it's a lift and makes a pleasant connection between two people. Gives a person that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I love those! And sure, it might feel right to comb hair over a bald spot or wear a padded bra or learn a skill really well and show it off a little just because.. well because you want to... but when it is a desperate need to gain approval, or when someone goes through the second half of life still concerned with doing things or being something to impress or to command attention from people whom they hardly know, or strangers or the general public, they look rather silly... almost like... like...
a politician!
"Look at me!" "Look what I can do!" "Oh, i'm so (insert appropriate word)!"(powerful, hot, good-looking, sexy, buffed, rich, talented, smart, clever, whatever)

Someone who doesn't have the need to impress anyone, now that is incredibly impressive!

Nov 5, 2007

Peruvian Lilies

My husband loves me.

gemstone earrings

Left: Carnelian with copper
Right: Labradorite with silver - i wish i could capture the colorful flash in the labradorite, it's almost like the multicolors that flash in abalone shells.