Feb 1, 2008

Photoshop Boat Project

My latest photoshop challenge was to put a boat from one picture into another picture of the same place but from a different time. Aside from size difference, challenges were that one picture was color and one sort of a sepia, one very clear and the other blurry. Only after I placed the boat did I notice another was that the light was coming from complete opposite sides in these pictures.

After resizing the boat i put it in its new spot, along with some of the people from the boat picture. I adjusted perspective on the boat, too, it was a bit off from this new angle.
I painted in some color and tweaked the colors until I could get it to look somewhat like it belongs.
Added some reflective colors from water and greenery onto the boat.
To move the highlights and shading from one side to the other, i burned and dodged highlights, midtones and shadows all separately. Blended the people's surrounding in as much as possible with the stamping tool, and faked their shadow. For a little 3-d, I copied bits of the trees on the left and re-pasted them to the picture on TOP of the boat. Still, the problem of the boat picture being blurry, I blurred the background picture to match while gradually becoming more in focus to the foreground. Not perfect but it's ok.

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