Jun 22, 2008


Our neighbors found my snakey in their back yard under the pool filter.

She was very dehydrated and hungry after having been out for over 2 weeks. She was kind of roughed up too, and appeared to be missing an eye. But after a good night's sleep and a nice bath in the sink, she ate and shedded and seems back to normal. Even the eye seems ok now that the old skin is off.

It's kind of a miracle that she was found and returned like that. Some of the neighbor kids and I were praying for her return. God listens.

Jun 15, 2008

No Couch Potato Dads here!

In response to an article in the newspaper stating that dads really don't like greeting cards telling them to take the day off, go fishing or play golf or relax in front of the tv with a beer on Father's Day, I offer these ideas. Feel free to print them and give them to Dads!

We moms LOVE the cards that give us pretty flowers and tell us we're special. On Mothers Day, i would love to be depicted as relaxing in a bubble bath, sipping a glass of wine, being served breakfast-in-bed, getting a manicure or taking a nap (even going fishing or watching tv)... and NOT as mopping, scrubbing or doing the laundry!

If a card shows a lady in the lounge chair sipping wine on Mothers Day, I can't see how that would imply that she's a lazy alcoholic that lies around drinking every day. Same with showing a dad in the hammock enjoying a cold one on HIS day. He's SUPPOSED to take the day off, isn't he?

But dads don't like being told "Dad, now take off your shoes, have a beer and relax on YOUR day!" This totally puzzles me as I would think Dads would LOVE a day off after they work so hard! Anyway, so I designed a few cards for those dads offended by the images of fathers who relax on Father's Day. Pick up that shovel, Daddy! No remote control or beer for you! It's Fathers Day!

Jun 7, 2008

The Snake Escape

Snakey quit eating for over three months. Then he demonstrated that he's actually a "she" by laying an egg. Neat! But then she escaped. I don't know how she managed to get out of the cage, but she did. So she is out and about, hopefully still in our house. If she went outside, she'll get too cold at night away from her heat rock, and animals or people will kill her.

I'm sad and I miss her. I've had her for seven or eight years now, having raised her from a baby about the size of a worm. Raising an animal like that gets you very attached to it. Apparently, that's not reciprocated and the feeling isn't mutual.

Please come home, Snakey.

I miss you.