Aug 26, 2008

A Ghostly Encounter

Experience in Park City, Utah

September 2007

Glenwood Cemetery

On this trip to Park City we visited two cemeteries. One is in the main part of town, well-maintained and visible to the streets. The other is on the far side of the city, appears to be rarely visited, and is not frequently maintained. There is a lot of plant overgrowth with some graves entirely hidden. There has been some vandalism, especially to the gravestones with lambs on them. Apparently someone collects their heads.

Although some of our photos revealed orbs in both cemeteries, I would like to relate an exciting experience I had in the older cemetery. We visited it during the day, to get a look around, take pictures, and kind of get an idea of the layout while it was light. We returned at night, and the whole place was cold and dark.

At this point, I will note that the weather conditions were not favorable to bugs, moths, mosquitoes, or other flying insects. It was extremely cold and dry, and the air was very clear and still. So we had these conditions combined with the fact that orbs showed up in some pictures while not in others, and some were even captured by both my husband and I at the same time.

Back to my nighttime experience in Glenwood Cemetery... I was really glad we had visited in the daytime, so I could be pretty sure I wasn't trampling on anyone's resting place. Then again, it was hard to tell. I took many pictures, some of which contained orbs. I like to get down on the ground and take pictures from various angles, so I was getting up close to some of the graves. I don't feel spooked or frightened by graves, but rather a really peaceful feeling.

My husband and I were separated somewhat, while still close enough to speak to one another. I had worn my EMF meter the entire time, but it remained quiet. When I was ready to leave, I started down the path towards the front gate. I heard a whisper directly behind me and felt that feeling when someone is standing behind you. I felt a very light touch on my back, like something brushing a piece of lint off a jacket. My meter beeped for the first and only time that night! I had thought it was my husband behind me, but when I turned around nobody was there, and it turned out he was off a distance away and had not said anything.

At that point, I felt that someone may have been trying to say something before I left. Unfortunately, my husband had the voice recorder with him so no sounds were captured. We met up on the path and exited the cemetery. I felt compelled to turn around which I did, and took my last picture, this one of the front gate again. It turned out to have a large orb hovering in front of the wrought iron gate!

I have included pictures. The one showing the gate in the daylight also shows the path I had been walking down when I heard the whisper. The dark (unaltered) picture shows the orb, and I've included one that has had the midtones slightly brightened to show the orb more clearly.

I've had other encounters throughout my lifetime, some of the most recent including a tap on the head in Calico, a feeling of “magnetism” in between a husband's and wife's grave in the Calico cemetery, and an actual visual of a moving orb in the Harvey House. Seeing this orb with my naked eyes at the same time some others saw it, took away any traces of lingering skepticism I had about the orbs I had previously captured in my photos. I've also been unknowingly attracted to homes or rooms that turn out to be known to contain some sort of supernatural force or being. And with each encounter I've had, there has been this deep longing in my heart to return to that place. The draw, at times, is almost overwhelming, as though there's something I am supposed to accomplish.

Aug 19, 2008

Sterling, Coral and Turquoise Y-necklace

This one is all sterling silver, with turquoise nuggets and little coral beads I bought in a shop in San Francisco. This took a lot of time, and with the price of the materials I don't think I will be selling this one. I'd have to charge way too much!

Aug 14, 2008

Naked-eye Orb

This orb, I saw with my own little eyeballs! It was down a dark hallway in the Harvey House in Barstow. At least two others saw it as well, as right after i spotted it, silently, they sort of squealed out at the same time "look at that! I see an orb!" in utter astonishment. It was moving around, and then disappeared.

No photographs were taken, but I made a little photoshop picture from memory.
Again, this is not a photograph!


In a couple of our cemetery visits, we captured quite a few pictures with unexplained orbs showing up. But...

What are the odds of two cameras catching the same orbs in photos from different locations within a few seconds of one another? Keep in mind, this was a very cold night so there were no bugs around, no dust or mist in the air.

One picture was taken by my husband, while the other was taken by me from a different angle.
Note the three orbs, probably moving around somewhat, that show up in both pictures.

I've included a diagram showing where we were standing in relation to the grave, orbs, and each other.

Mary Lou's photograph:

Joe's Photograph: