Sep 27, 2008

Lilly Can READ!

"be-ware-of-dog... hey, that's me!"

Sep 25, 2008

My thoughts on technology...

And how utterly IRONIC to write this in a blog!
But where else could i say all this and be heard at all?

The more advanced communications get technologically, the less two people are able to just have a conversation one-on-one. I admit to being guilty of that, and i plan to begin to change it.

The more advanced the gyms and diet foods become, the less healthy and fit people seem to get (from all that other technology, no doubt, why do things for real when they can do them virtually).

The more mainstream and accepted cybersex and pornography become, the more (and younger) men become impotent with real women. Can anyone else see the irony in receiving p*rn and viagra ads at the same time? That's like selling cigarettes together with cancer treatments.

The more advanced medicines get, the more diseases pop up - look how the lovely antibiotics and antibacterial products created super-bugs.

It must have been cool when people had time to talk with their spouses instead of emailing..
and walking to the store burned calories... Goodness, grampa, people actually GREW food from the gound?

I bet it was super-hot when real men loved real natural women, in 3-D and without drugs to get it up. A sweaty romp in the sack WAS the fun stuff... Husbands thought their wives were beautiful and didn't compare them to Pamela Anderson (who would probably have been considered some sort of abnormal monstrosity then).. And women loved men BEAUSE they were men - strong men- and not wimpish voyeurs who stood behind the curtains and peered at them - but men who protected them. Huh? What's a callous, you ask? Oh, it's that thing you get on your index finger from clicking the mouse..

I know there are good things that come from technology, I use many of them. But strike me dead if I forget about human compassion, love and real connection - or maybe i'd already BE dead.

I wonder why so many people seem to have forgotten how to be satisfied by the very basics God gave to humans to live by.

Sure, he gave us brains to create technology. And it could have only been used to enhance human life instead of destroying it.

Look what that free-will, mixed with greed and ego, did with it.
Shame on us. Go do something real.

Sep 18, 2008

Sep 5, 2008

Idyllwild - Some real cuties!

We went on this great camping trip, and I just took pictures of bugs and dogs...

Idyllwild - A non-scorpion!

This is a pseudoscorpion. It's not a real scorpion, and is very tiny. Smaller than a common housefly. Still, creepy-looking pincher things!

Backyard Visitor

Isn't he cute?