Nov 21, 2008

Little story teller

My grandson telling me a very serious story here...

Nov 13, 2008

Joey's First Fish!

1989 -
I forgot the camera on the fishing trip. And then he caught his very first fish!
So I laid the slimy fish on a piece of paper and traced it, and then sketched in the details. When we got home, I used it as a pattern to make the design on his t-shirt, actual size.
Nice bluegill, dude!

Fishing Derby

1992 - He won a trophy! Notice the "I Got Hooked On Lake Henshaw" T-shirt in the first one - a previous fishing adventure. And the Zebco T-shirt in the second picture came with the trophy, what a deal!

Trapping Squirrels

1989 - Here we are using the old prop-up-the-box-with-a-stick-with-string-tied-to-it trap like they do on cartoons (that's where we got the idea). Leave a peanut inside, and wait. It really did work!

Christmas Tree Farm

This is back in 1992, when this Christmas Tree farm actually existed next to the chicken ranch. Then they took out the Christmas tree farm and put in houses. THEN... the residents of the houses complained that it smelled like chicken poop. Well, DUHHHH! Anyway, here we are ready to chop down our tree. Notice the odd expressions on the kids in the first picture... (beware the one with the saw, but I think the other one has one of those Star Trek things going on where they steal your mind or something - both are scary!) In the second picture, note the blood running down the little guy's leg. His brother didn't do it with the saw, in spite of the guilty expression... he tripped over a tree stump. Ouch!

Mud Pies

My boys made me a nice yummy mudpie in 1989.
A true "Kodak Moment"

(don't they look adorable?)