Dec 23, 2008

Dec 17, 2008

My first birthday cake

I still do this occasionally with cake.

They have landed!

Martians! They're amongst us!
With round heads and no hair, and they consume our food supply!

Dec 4, 2008

And to think, we just had chicken for dinner...

Bluebird, Old Greenbird, and Sephiroth (guess which is which!)

The story in your eyes...

Who needs words?

Dec 2, 2008

baby sketch

Quick, before he moves!

Dec 1, 2008

More homemade product ideas

Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional, and I don't recommend these products without consulting a doc. I'm just sharing my experiences.

Swimmer's Ear? You don't have to swim to get water trapped in your ear. Nothing messes up your day quite like an ear infection. There are drops to use, from the drug store and expensive.
My recipe works just as well for me. Sterilize an empty dropper (be sure to label it so you can't accidentally put it in eyes!!). Mix half white vinegar and half rubbing alcohol, and that's it. Whenever I can feel or hear some water trapped in an ear, a couple drops of this potion and it's gone. I've heard that hairdryers work, too, but I've not had luck with that.

Got Hemorrhoids? Those little round pads pre-moistened with mostly witch hazel can get expensive.
Yay!!! I found something to refill the container with! I cut some generic pre-moistened baby wipes into little pieces about 1.5 x 1.5 inches (just kinda cut it up, no precision needed since our butts don't really care about that). Dump (no pun intended) those little cutup baby wipes into the container and pour some witch hazel over that. There! You know what to do with them.

My Product Comments

Some random comments about some random products:
Don't blame me if you have any problems with these. I'm just somebody writing in their blog, not a professional anything here.

Eye Drops
Did you know that you can use Visine (or equivalent) eye drops to turn normal powder eyeshadow into eyeliner? Or to make the powder color theatrically-vivid? Well you can! Now your whole life can be easier! Put a drop of visine on something clean (palm of you hand works) and dip an eyeliner brush in it. Tap off excess, and now use it when you apply the powder shadow along the lash line... and there ya go. It stays put, really, doesn't crumble off or anything! Water works but doesn't last as long. They make cosmetic products for this purpose, but they cost way more than a bottle of generic eye drops.

Chafing Gel
Now here's another one. Several companies make these really expensive "mattifiers" for skin, to use before or without makeup. They make skin feel kind of velvety and keep it from being shiny.. Some claim it helps minimize the appearance of lines, too, like a spackle sort of thing. Some with sunscreen, some not. I think the key ingredient may be silica powder. Pricey products for the small tube you get. OK, ready for the secret? shhhh...
------Monistat chafing-relief powder-gel. Not the stuff for yeast infections, but the stuff you can get just about everywhere that is especially for keeping that porn-star-bare or bikini-line shave from chafing and getting irritated (guys use it too, they just won't admit it). Good for other things that chafe (bra straps, shoes?) too. But on your face? Butt of course! I found it seems to do the same thing as the expensive mattifiers (i tried samples). Gotta remember it doesn't have sunscreen so you still need that first. But you might be able to skip some of the makeup. And you'll be nice and soft and silky at both ends now! I would't try this if you have acne...well, actuallly I would try it if YOU have acne, but you shouldn't....

Wii Fit.
I'm still working on this one. But this thing is really fun to get you moving, if you're normally into games anyway.. Also makes a nice little "talking" scale to yell at you in an extremely high-pitched voice every day when you weigh yourself (or pat you on the back, depending...). I like that you can choose your trainer, either male or female. One day I noticed that the dude, who looks clean-cut from the front, has a cute little tiny pony-tale in the back. I like when he tells me i'm doing great, but he sucks when he criticises me. How dare he! There is a little talking animated "balance board" (like the one you stand on when you use this) that has the high-pitched little weeny voice. I can't tell if it's male or female, or neither. Overall, this is a nice thing to have. But don't do the Plank exercises at the challenge level against the trainer... Or if the little balance board asks you if you want to try a super-duper challenging balance exercise, just say NO. They're just trying to lower your self-esteem with those.

OOH, one more thing i wanted to comment on for now...
Warm sourdough bread with melted butter...
oooh, man, there IS a heaven after all! Just don't let the Wii Fit trainer see you...


Since the dawn of civilization, yogurt has been available in individual 8 ounce cups. Yogurt, healthy and delicious yogurt..

We supersize our fries... Make king-size candy bars... Bigger greasier hamburgers...
So why reduce the size of yogurt servings? To make us less healthy?

If the manufacturers have to make more money on yogurt, I vote for raising the price by a nickel or dime and leaving the 8 ounce cups alone.

We've resorted to buying the big 32 ounce size and refilling the 8 ounce cups we saved. (who knows, they may become collector's items now that they've gone the way of the dinosaurs)
But we shouldn't have to. And they still raise the prices anyway.

Holiday Doorbusters?

So what's up with that? Retailers encouraging people to bust down the doors?

Or how about to stand in a huge mob outside the door until it opens, and then pour through like a heard of cattle, trampling and even killing anyone who falls out of step with the crowd?
Come on, Wal-mart! Hire some crowd control if you have to encourage that crap.

And be sure to wear a bulletproof vest to Toys-R-Us.

What are people thinking? Must we kill or injure others in order to give little Tommy or Suzie twinkling eyes and wondrous smiles on Christmas morn???

CHRISTmas. Say it again. CHRISTmas. Notice the "Christ" in the word. Now, KEEP him there.... in the word but also in your heart.

WWJD?? Well He certainly wouldn't be out there killing people to buy gifts in His name.