Dec 1, 2008

Holiday Doorbusters?

So what's up with that? Retailers encouraging people to bust down the doors?

Or how about to stand in a huge mob outside the door until it opens, and then pour through like a heard of cattle, trampling and even killing anyone who falls out of step with the crowd?
Come on, Wal-mart! Hire some crowd control if you have to encourage that crap.

And be sure to wear a bulletproof vest to Toys-R-Us.

What are people thinking? Must we kill or injure others in order to give little Tommy or Suzie twinkling eyes and wondrous smiles on Christmas morn???

CHRISTmas. Say it again. CHRISTmas. Notice the "Christ" in the word. Now, KEEP him there.... in the word but also in your heart.

WWJD?? Well He certainly wouldn't be out there killing people to buy gifts in His name.

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