Dec 1, 2008

More homemade product ideas

Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional, and I don't recommend these products without consulting a doc. I'm just sharing my experiences.

Swimmer's Ear? You don't have to swim to get water trapped in your ear. Nothing messes up your day quite like an ear infection. There are drops to use, from the drug store and expensive.
My recipe works just as well for me. Sterilize an empty dropper (be sure to label it so you can't accidentally put it in eyes!!). Mix half white vinegar and half rubbing alcohol, and that's it. Whenever I can feel or hear some water trapped in an ear, a couple drops of this potion and it's gone. I've heard that hairdryers work, too, but I've not had luck with that.

Got Hemorrhoids? Those little round pads pre-moistened with mostly witch hazel can get expensive.
Yay!!! I found something to refill the container with! I cut some generic pre-moistened baby wipes into little pieces about 1.5 x 1.5 inches (just kinda cut it up, no precision needed since our butts don't really care about that). Dump (no pun intended) those little cutup baby wipes into the container and pour some witch hazel over that. There! You know what to do with them.

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