May 24, 2009

My snake laid 17 Eggs!!!!


Poor Jem got a foxtail in her eye. We took her to Emergency and they got it out, but poor thing!

Another bug

Here's a cool bug I found in the bathroom:

Long time, no post!

I haven't posted here in a long time. Still confused by all the weird feelings surrounding my mom's death. And the lack of feelings, which are almost worse than the feelings at times. Maybe that's the antidepressants.

Also dealing with GERD. Probably yet another lovely gift from fibromyalgia. I went to the doctor for a persistent feeling of swelling in my throat, and tests (a scope through my nose down my throat, yikes!) showed gastro-esophageal reflux disease. ALL my favorites - chocolate, coffee, tea, mints, colas, tomatoes (including pizza and pasta sauces), most fruits except apples and bananas, all fruit or vegetable juices, carbonated drinks, alcohol (even wine), anything with fat or spices, garlic, onion... those are now no-no's in my diet. I read that most people diagnosed with GERD and avoiding these foods lose an average of 40 pounds. At 118 pounds (5'8") there would be nothing left but a skeleton. Cool for Halloween though.

But it's serious stuff. Not controlled, it can cause esophageal cancer which can also spread to the lungs. People can die from it.

They say to tilt the bed to sleep on a slant, but we have a waterbed so that's not really do-able. I try to use pillows.

So once I decaffeinated myself and got past the withdrawal headache for 2 weeks, that's ok. We found a low-acid decaf coffee so i can still enjoy it. I'm learning to enjoy goat milk cheese, almonds, raw spinach and apples. And more meat than before, even though i'm not a big meat-eater. I'm searching for low-acid tomato sauce. I found a low-fat white sauce for pasta that's not too bad. I miss garlic though.

A trainer at the gym gave me a lot of nutritional advice, including adding protein powder in my diet. We're trying to figure out how i can put on some muscles. I've invented a yummy drink where i throw into the blender:

milk powder
protein powder

It's actually pretty good once you get used to the grainy, powdery texture.

Going out to restaurants is tricky, but i'm in the process of learning how to manage that so i can still enjoy one of my favorite pastimes. I love going out to eat!

Between the fibromyalgia, spine and shoulder problems, I thought that was enough. Most of the time i'm high on medications. Might seem cool if I were a partying teenager, but I don't want to be high. I get too confused.

Carob. It looks like chocolate, feels like chocolate, but it sure doesn't taste like chocolate!