Jun 24, 2009

No Walmart Supercenter for Poway!

Poway is becoming a retail disaster. A 24-hour Walmart supercenter in Poway is one of the most idiotic ideas I've ever heard. After all that time and money spent on planning a new Town Center for Poway (currently on hold), putting a supercenter literally just around the corner from the proposed town center site will ruin any chance of the town center actually thriving.

If Poway must yield to the almighty Walmart, at least move it away from the residential neighborhood and into the business park. We don't need a 24-hour nuisance bordered on three sides by apartments, that's just asking for disaster.

And we're putting in a brand new Walgreens just across the street and down from Walmart. The traffic on Poway Rd in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday backs up from Community all the way to Midland as it is now. Imagine a weekend, and with the addition of a big old Walmart Supercenter bringing people in from surrounding areas to buy groceries which don't generate revenue for Poway anyway.

I can see it now.. "The Walmart in the Country"

Jun 3, 2009

I made pizza!

3 cheeses, spinach, mushroom, etc.