Jul 28, 2009

Here's Sophie!

Look at those baby blue eyes!

Jul 25, 2009

Doggie and the Dot

Jem chasing a red dot on the kitchen floor.
I'm glad to have a dog that will protect us from those evil red dots that float around in the house.

Jul 22, 2009

Even with our water restrictions...

...we can still have flowers. This was on a cactus in our back yard, where it gets very little water. It's gorgeous!

Jul 12, 2009


"Strawberries? WHAT strawberries?"

Pez Boy

"I don't quite understand the point of this. You take the candy out of the wrapper, then you put it in the little toy thing, then you take it out to eat it? You grownups are kinda strange."

Poway Walmart Expansion

I am opposed to the expansion of Poway's existing Walmart into a Supercenter
for the following reasons:

--This is a residential neighborhood. Walmart is bordered on three sides by
residences which house families including children and seniors.
24-hour noise, lights and traffic would greatly impact the quality of life
for nearby residents. Children would be endangered playing in front of
their own homes by a constant stream of strangers from out of the area
passing through to go to Walmart.

Poway has taken pride in its addition of Solara homes directly across the
street from Walmart. Solar-powered, making a contribution towards making
the eartha better place. Right across the street from an energy-gobbling
24-hour Walmart Supercenter?

--This is a historical part of Poway. Old Poway is just down the road, and
the Community Church, "Oldest structure in continuous use as a church in San
Diego County, erected circa 1887" is directly across the street from Walmart.
Plowboys, which Walmart plans to dismantle, is also a historical building
that many feel should be preserved.

Would San Diego put a 24-hour walmart supercenter in the middle of Old Town?
Or in Balboa Park? How about Hillcrest? I doubt it.

--Money. There is no additional tax revenue for Poway gained by adding
groceries to Walmart. We already have plenty of groceries just walking
distance away.
Nearby businesses would be jeopardized. Right now Creekside Plaza has eight
empty shops, while Poway City Centre has ten empty shops. These are only about a block
from Walmart.

Poway could become a ghost town with a Walmart in the middle.

What about the Poway Town Center that is planned for the future on Poway Rd?
It's literally just around the corner from Walmart.
What sort of retailers would even bother to set up shop next to a 24-hour
Walmart Supercenter? Maybe an adult bookstore or two.
Tattoo and massage parlors, perhaps? Walmart isn't competition for those
types of businesses.

--Traffic is already a big problem in the Poway/Community/Midland Rd areas.
Even in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday, itbacks up for blocks.
Bringing in even more traffic would be disasterous.

Moving Walmart to the business park would make more sense
than expanding it in its current location in the middle of people's homes
and churches.

In conclusion, I believe that most Powegians love "The City in the Country".
We take pride in our city, with it's friendly country atmosphere flavored
with a dash of "Old West".

Please don't let it become "The Walmart in the Country".

For more information, please read here:


Silence of the Cams

There's another bug on the bathroom mirror, quick run 'n git yer camera!

If a spider can do pushups on a mirror...

...so can a moth

Jul 8, 2009

Poway - A sign of the times?

If you were just driving by, could you read the little white words on a yellow background?
These useless eyesores are spread throughout Poway.

In my opinion, a whole lot of money was wasted.

The color scheme looks like a nice attempt at a "nature" look,
but not at all functional for a directional sign to be viewed while driving.

Jul 6, 2009

Two Important Words

Two of the most non-constructive, hurtful, hostile yet innocent-appearing words that can be used in an argument:


"You always ....."
"You never ....."
"I always ....."
"I never ....."

Outside an argument, they can be accurately descriptive at times.
But within an argument... ouch.

And they accomplish nothing, and lock in absolutes that indicate that you want or expect it to stay that way. If so, why are you arguing about it if you aren't seeking change or resolution? Just to hurt? Now there's a marriage/friendship - breaker.

Never - do you REALLY mean that something absolutely has not occurred at any time at all, at any instance, and that there's no chance of it occurring in the future?

Always - do you REALLY mean absolutely every single time? Every single time? Past and future? That's basically demanding it to continue instead of requesting change!

Better words to use in an argument would be:

-most of the time
-not that I can recall
-not as often as I'd like


Those get the same point across more accurately and realistically - with less hostility fueling the argument. They also invite improvement and change, instead of locking in and failing to change something undesirable.

When I've heard "You always do/say ...." i feel defensive rather than think about improving or changing a behavior.
Just as "You never ....." makes me think "fine! and i never WILL!"

I did it

Today, I did my first complete start-to-finish chin up. (or pull up or whatever)
Without jumping up at all. All the way up to the top.

I tried every day and made it just a little higher each time.
I may be stupid and do just about everything else wrong, but by God I did a chin up.