Aug 14, 2009

NO Walmart Expansion for Poway

Let's keep the "Country" in "The City in the Country"

Aug 9, 2009

Ant eater

We need more spiders like this. It's so tiny you almost miss it. That's an ant it's got wrapped up in webby stuff. Not a big ant, but those tiny little sugar ants (my mom used to call them p*ss ants). Thanks to macro photography, one can enter the tiny tiny worlds of wonder that surround us.

The Thing

I don't know what it is.
It's scary.
Look at all the spikes!

Click on the picture to get the big detailed one...if you dare.
Tell me what it is.
(So the nightmares can end)

Poway Walmart Expansion?

The Gridlock in the Country.... always

For a lot of information on this issue, please read the blog located at:

Aug 5, 2009

Goodbye Maggie

Maggie was a sweet, special friend who was loved very much.
She will be missed.