Dec 27, 2009

One day after Lasik...

That was the day after surgery. Still healing up but a lot better now.
All that love and cuddly stuff is nice.

This is Rascal

(Yo quiero Taco Bell)


Dec 14, 2009

I had lasik!

A few days ago I had Lasik with IntraLase done on both eyes. This is the kind where they don't use a blade. A laser creates a little flap which the doctor moves aside and then another laser corrects the cornea. A lot of technical stuff I won't go into.

The surgeon was Dr. Schanzlin at TLC Laser Eye Center in La Jolla, California. I researched and read about his background, and decided he's the best.
Everyone at TLC was wonderful. They explained everything, and then put me at ease with humor and valium.

So here's how the actual procedure went from my point of view (no pun intended):

After I was medicated, I was taken back to a room where a nice young man put some drops in my eyes and gave me a pretty paper hair net and socks to go on the outside of my shoes. Then the surgeon came out and took me into a room to lie down on a table surrounded by machines from Star Wars. He talked to me through the whole thing, telling me what was happening step by step. I was given a teddy bear to hold onto.

My husband was in the next room watching on a monitor, my giant eyeball getting zapped. I watched from the other side of my cornea.

First, a cone-like thing was put on my eye and it kinda pushed hard, which was uncomfortable with my deep-set eyes since it was against the browbone. My upper and lower lids were covered with tape (I think).

Then they put me under a machine where the laser created the flap with bubbles, but to me it just looked like some foggy little spots showing up at one side then moving all the way across. I could smell something like burning hair. No pain except the thing pushing on my eye. It was a relief when they removed that. I was unaware of the metal things holding my eyelids open.

Then I could see a tool moving across my eye and then when he pulled back the flap, everything turned white and hazy, like looking through a fogged up window that you could just barely see through.

Then they put me under the other machine that makes the correction. One of my eyes was worse than the other, taking something over one hundred seconds. The better eye was only thirty-something seconds. At that point, I was told to stare at an orange flashing light. (If I look away, will my eyeball explode? don't wanna find out) The laser locks onto the pupil somehow, I believe, and then other colors of flashing lights show up. No pain, but again it smelled like burning hair. Yuk! The flashing orange light got huge and blurry, and I was afraid I couldn't keep staring at it.. but I did just fine.

Then the doctor put some goop over it and put the flap back in place. I could start to see better at that point. He put more wet goo over that, and it was kind of soothing even though my eyeball was numb.

After both eyes were done, they taped on these big grey shields that made me look like a fly ("help meeee"). I sat up, and I could SEE! I'm like "whoa! I can SEE you!" I started crying a little, it was a very emotional moment for me. They took a quick photo of me with Dr. Schanzlin, and then I went into another room and was given all sorts of instructions and eye drops.

Oh yeah, and I got to keep the teddy bear.

The next morning, I had 20/20 distance vision in both eyes.

My eyes are still sore and get tired quickly, so I'm resting them quite a bit. Typing this all with my eyes shut... not! Bright lights bother me somewhat, and I can see foggy circles (halos?) around the Christmas lights and street lights. This hopefully will improve with some time.

I will need reading glasses, but no prescription. So I can get some of those cool ones that click together in the middle with magnets, like that CSI guy has. I'm cool like that.

Note - January 4:
Happy New Year! Things are really clearing up in the last few days. Still having a little bit of ghost images and red lights at night are freaky, but in the daylight I can see very well into the distance. Drugstore 2.00 power reading glasses make close-up clear. My eyes are kind of sore and strained at times (especially after computer use) but that seems to be improving. I understand it can take a few months to heal up. Using stuff for dry eyes until that clears up. Was it worth it?

Dec 13, 2009


All through the house

not a creature was stirring...
(too much eggnog?)


Dec 5, 2009

Christmas Card to Mom

My mother's favorite time of year was Christmas...