Apr 2, 2010

President Obama Mocks Death of Grandmother

"Nobody had pulled the plug on granny" spoke our president on April 1, 2010 soon after he signed the new health care bill.

Is this the way the President of the United States, so very lacking in tact, speaks to us about the death of our loved-ones?

Having recently been a part of the most painful decision my family has ever had to make, I can certainly say that it was not humorous at all. It was heartbreaking when my family had to make the decision to stop life support in the hospital and put my mother in hospice care to be kept comfortable until she slowly slipped away from us. It was not funny at all.

We brought her home to die.

Her grandsons sat for hours by her bedside, their hearts broken at having to let go of their dear grandmother who gave them nothing but love and kindness.

"Pull the plug on Granny" indeed.

How dare the President of the United States so heartlessly mock us about the death of someone we love so dearly.

Shame on you, Obama. That was pure cruelty and evil. When your time comes to make such a decision about a member of your own family, I wonder if you'll think it's a laughable subject then.


Mariah said...

I think Obama was being facetious; I don't really think he meant to be hurtful. Seemed like he was trying to connect with the tea party people.

I think Obama takes a lot of crap unnecessarily and I'm not sure why. Must be that nutjob Glen Beck and his conspiracy theories!

Politics suck.

Mary Lou St. Lucas said...

He probably was, but then it's still a pretty much open wound for me.

Maybe Obama takes the crap just like Bush took the crap, and every other president has had to do since way back.

There are always going to be the crazies on both sides, and it's too bad that so many can't stop and listen to the other side and work it out.. too much to ask in politics, i agree that it sucks!

Diana said...

I know I'm jumping in way late in the game but, the problem with Obama is he can't take the crap.. too thin skinned to be our commander and chief! Beck may go too far with his antics but so far, he has not been incorrect in what he says. Obama hasn't been able to stop him because he is very correct in what he says, no matter how nutty the approach.

Obama lacks the sincerity to connect with the people. His remark was tactless because he has no regard for anyone but himself and his wants.