Nov 1, 2010

Poway Election Choices

Since this is my blog, I can say whatever I want.

Poway has reached a stage where it has a choice to either drop the word "country" from the phrase "City in the Country,” or to preserve what "country" still remains. This crucial decision is in the hands of Poway's voters.

We can continue in the direction we are going, with more traffic, pollution, crime, empty retail spaces, and housing projects with insufficient open areas for families with children. Or we can strive to put a stop to this gradual erosion of Poway's "country" charm and instead preserve the quality of life for Powegians.

Drive down Poway Road and think about it.

Electing incumbents assures us that current trends towards crowding and congestion will continue. Fresh ideas of a new mayor and council members can provide Poway with the opportunity to change this course.

Stavros, Grosch and Babich can give our City in the Country the best possible chance to thrive.


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