Nov 3, 2010

Newly re-elected Poway Mayor won't listen

Poway Mayor, in his own words, states that he can't make commitments to the people of Poway.

"I've never made a promise in 24 years up here, because it's difficult to do."

Listen here:

No promises to Poway

So, it's too hard to do? Then maybe being mayor is too hard to do, too.

Poway Mayor tells people of Poway he doesn't want to hear from them.

"I don't want emails from you, from your buddies, from your friends..."
"What I don't want is a barrage of emails, it won't do any good. In fact, it will probably turn me the other way.... I'm just tellin' ya."

Listen here:

Won't listen to Poway

Thank you Merrilee for correcting him:

"Last time I checked, our job was to listen to the input of the people!"


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