Dec 29, 2010

One year checkup after Lasik

Left eye - 20/20
Right eye - 20/30

That's a HUGE improvement for both!!! Still need reading glasses as expected, but distance and mid-range is great. It was all worth it.

Dec 7, 2010

Poway Walmart doesn't need to be bigger

Right in the middle of our residential neighborhood, it wants to grow even bigger and stay open 24 hours.
Do we need this?

Dec 4, 2010

Brown Widow Spider

I have never heard of a Brown Widow spider! They are shaped just like the Black Widow and make a similar web. They are brown with an orange hourglass, instead of black with the red hourglass. They're also poisonous. Their eggs are all spikey, while the Black Widow's eggs are smooth.

Inside a telescope that's been in the patio for quite awhile...
Black Widows love pipes, boxes, wood, anything they can crawl into and hide while their web does the work. Apparently so do Brown Widows.