May 23, 2011

Poway Walmart is big enough already!

As it is now, it can take as much as five minutes to get through a single intersection in the area of Poway Rd. and Community. Traffic backs up for several cycles at the lights, and there's gridlock. There are residents nearby who can't leave their homes without traveling through these busy intersections to get out.

Yet Walmart wants to expand and bring in even more traffic to this mostly residential area. They should do it elsewhere, away from homes who won't be thrilled to hear the 24-hour noise.

Of course many residents who don't live within a short distance of Walmart might be thrilled at the thought of being able to buy cheaper meat that's injected with saltwater, since they don't have to travel through that traffic every time they leave their house.

Does Walmart care about nearby families whose children play outside and seniors trying to cross a busy street? Does Poway's City Council care about the quality of life for all Poway residents?

We shall soon find out.


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